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“Red 58” project is done!

Look for it at cinema near you.

A documentary film by Andrzej Ślązak uncovers the fascinating life and career of Tadeusz Marek – the outstanding Polish engineer best known for his contribution to the legendary Aston Martin sports cars of the 1950s and 1960s.

“Outstanding engineer”? The first thing that comes to mind when we hear this, is a rather calm, if not boring, guy spending his life over the drawing board. Well, the case of Marek proves that thinking of this kind couldn`t be more wrong. He was a man of vivid personality, his life was full of adventures. To show a bigger picture, Marek represented a special generation of Polish engineers who built independent Poland, survived WWII working in Great Britain, and after the war started new life away from home.

Before “Steel Heart,” very little was known about Tadeusz Marek. While working on it, the author did an epic job of digging through archives, meeting people who had worked with Marek and even finding his personal car! On top of that he found one amazing truth: even today in Great Britain Tadek Marek remains well remembered and he has cult status.

Now, back to the film! The host is Kate Marek – a yoga instructor, motorsport fan and granddaughter of Tadeusz Marek. Kate follows her grandfather`s steps from Warsaw, through Casablanca and Cape Town to London. While learning about Marek`s professional achievements she discovers how complicated his personal life was.

Most of the material has never been published before, and this is what will make “Steel Heart” a truly unique and valuable piece or work.


A documentary film by Andrzej Ślązak and Wojciech Jurecki.A filmmaker and classic cars journalist begin a quest for a legendary and long lost car. Or what`s left of it. What they search for is a blood-orange Porsche 911 S with the race number “58” on the doors. In 1968 this car took part in the greatest rally in the world: a 17,000-kilometer marathon from London to Sydney. The car, and the two Poles who drove it – Sobiesław Zasada and Marek Wachowski, not only faced harsh roads but also competed with the best rally drivers in the world. Moreover, unlike their western colleagues, who had practiced the rally route thoroughly, for most of the time they drove into the unknown. 

The Porsche #58 took a harsh beating in the mountains of Turkey and dropped in the standings, but in Australia, which was the most difficult stage of the rally, they made it up. “Red 58” crossed the continent flying to become a hero of the rally, and finish an excellent fourth.

There can be no doubt that this particular vehicle helped make a legend of the 911 as a tough and versatile sportscar. It survived the mountains of Turkey, Iran, Afghanistan and terrible roads in Australia. And after that… it disappeared!

50 years later two enthusiasts follow the route of legendary rally, looking for a lost car. But the story gets bigger as they search. A documentary turns to a tale of the late 1960s – a most fascinating time in the post-War era. The tale of the London-Sydney Rally as one of the craziest motoring adventures ever. The rally that became the most popular sporting event in history and crossed three continents including crossing the Iron Curtain.

But what about lost Porsche number 58? The authors discover its story, they talk to participants, explore Porsche`s company archives. All clues lead to Australia, where “Red 58” was seen for the last time, about 30 years ago…