Our Mission

From history to the present day

Famous yet… barely known.

The mission of the Tadeusz Marek Foundation is to bring back into public consciousness all those outstanding Polish engineers, designers, technicians and inventors in history who influenced the world`s technical evolution and helped build the modern world but who later became forgotten.

Many of them achieved worldwide professional success, but even today they remain virtually unknown in Poland. The man our foundation is named after, Tadeusz Zygmunt Marek, engineer and sportsman, is a perfect example.

speed, precision, beauty

Our Aims.
What direction are we going?

Promoting designers, constructors, engineers
and designers.

  1. To make known the outstanding technical and engineering achievements of Poles throughout history. Thus, the Foundation brings together all kinds of historical information and educates with books, films, exhibitions.

  2. The Foundation also has the ambition of supporting today`s engineers. To do this, we will establish a Tadeusz Marek Award for automotive engineers, as well as an award for engineering students.

  3. The Foundation officially recognises and admires all forms of motorsport as an important field for developing engineering ideas. Noting historic and modern achievements gives the power to discover new ideas and directions. The Foundation aims to collect and document these.

Mission: education

Tadek Marek Motoring Museum

One of our goals is to establish a truly unique museum. The museum will display in a virtual form notable artefacts of technical culture created or co-created by Polish engineers, technicians, inventors or designers.

The museum will also collect and exhibit artefacts from motorsport history, primarily related to the great achievements of Polish competitors. 


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