Tadek Marek Museum

Plans and vision


Our goal is to create a museum where objects of material culture, created by or with the participation of Polish engineers, constructors, and designers, such as cars, will be collected and made available to visitors. The museum will also collect motor sport objects, in particular those related to the successes of Polish drivers.


Our collection is build around Polish motor sport as a main theme. We also collect models related to motor sport in general and models of famous and intriguing cars. Some of our unique models in the scales from 1:8 to 1:24 are specially built by talented Polish modellers. We are also aspiring to present the models in a modern way not seen in the other museums.

One of the Foundation`s important goals is to establish a virtual Tadeusz Marek Museum. The museum will exhibit technical objects designed or invented by Polish engineers, designers or technicians of any kind. 

These will be used to show the fascinating history and traditions of Polish engineering.


History with the modern twist

Not surprisingly, artefacts related to the man the museum is named after, Tadeusz Marek, will play the most important part. The museum will show a selection of vehicles that Marek had a hand in designing, including Sokół motorcycles, Aston Martin DB4, DB5, DB6 and DBS/V8, and the Chevrolet Master Sedan that Marek drove to a class victory in the Rajd Polski, and even the British heavy tank Centurion – Marek was part of the design team for its excellent engine while he worked for Rolls Royce.

The icons mentioned above (and more) will be a small part of the experience though. All objects will be displayed in their historical and cultural context.

To further improve the educational value of the exhibits and to make engineering fun, the Tadeusz Marek Museum will take the visitor on a virtual journey explaining how internal combustion engines of various types are built and how they work.

More ambitious visitors will be able to go up a further level to learn how forces work inside piston engines, and what stresses various components must withstand. A visitor will also learn about metals, fuels, measures and units etc. Our mission is to keep engineering traditions alive and to make it a fascinating adventure for youngsters.

The Tadeusz Marek Museum as a virtual museum will have benefits. It will be open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, offering a wide choice of languages, as well as a version for visually and hearing impaired.

When do we open?

Designing a virtual museum that would incorporate the newest online technology is an extremely complex and challenging process. A renowned Polish computer graphic studio is already working on it.

Currently, the plan is to open at the end of 2023.


Please feel free to support our efforts, donations are welcome!