Our goal is to create a museum where objects of material culture created by or with the participation of Polish engineers, constructors, designers and technicians will be collected and made available to visitors. The museum will also provide facilities related to motorsport, in particular those related to the successes of Polish sportsmen.

The museum will also be created in the form of a virtual presentation that will allow visitors to see the objects of Polish creators via the Internet.

Firstly we will exhibit related to the patron of the Foundation Tadeusz Marek, the motorcycle Sokół and Aston MartinDB5, as well as the Chevrolet Master Sedan on which Tadeusz Marek won the pre-war competition for the Polish Grand Prix. In addition, there will be other vehicles that he raced in pre-war rallies, other models of the famous British brand and even the Centurion tank, our designer helped to create back in 1944.

The exhibits will also be related to the historical period in which they appeared.

In addition to the historical values ​​and visual attractions, the exhibits presented will meet educational goals, and at several levels. Visually attractive graphics showing the principles of operation of individual vehicle components, e.g. how a four-stroke internal combustion engine or a hybrid engine works. At higher levels, presentations regarding, for example, the forces applied in such engines, explaining concepts, presenting the formulas and units used in the engineering. All this will be available to visitors depending on the level of knowledge they are interested in.

There will also be interactive attractions for young and young-at-heart visitors.

The museum will be available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in many languages ​​and with a description for the hearing impaired and with an audio description for the visually impaired. Work is currently underway on the project involving a leading Polish computer graphics studio with extensive achievements and recognisable all over the world.

The opening of the museum is planned for the third quarter of 2022.