From history to the present day

The Foundation’s task is to restore the national awareness of outstanding Polish engineers, inventors and designers. Despite their global professional success outside Poland, they remained completely unknown in their own country. Achievements that have influenced the development and enrichment of the material culture of the modern world and the way of working and living, sometimes of millions, of people. An example is the patron of the Foundation: engineer and sportsman Tadeusz Zygmunt Marek.

The Foundation aims to extend knowledge about these outstanding people through various initiatives, including the collection and public presentation of their achievements in the form of, among others, museum exhibitions, multimedia presentations, books and films.

The Foundation supports modern engineers and their breakthrough achievements in the development of the automotive industry by establishing The Tadeusz Marek Award for outstanding achievements in the field of automotive engineering.

The Foundation also supports future engineers and university students by establishing an award for student teams.

The Foundation recognizes motorsport as a special field of development in automotive engineering. The achievements of athletes and engineers seting the directions for development in motorsport are carefully noted and documented by the Foundation.