Tadek Marek Foundation’s main task is to popularise the patron of our Foundation and other outstanding Polish engineers forgotten or barely known to the modern world.

                                                   The list is constantly growing. If you know of someone who deserves to be on our list, please write to us:


Leo Kozmicki,

automotive engineer

Lecturer at Warsaw University of Technology before WWII.  Engineer at RAF squadron during the War. Stayed in the UK after it. Designer of the sucesful motorcicle Norton Manx engine, then engine for Vanwall Formula 1 Championship winning team  and provided engine for popular Hillman Imp family car.

Tadeusz L. Ciastuła, OBE 

  aviation engineer

During WWII he  flew in the 302nd Fighter Squadron of the Polish Airforce  and the 65th RAF Fighter Squadron. At the end of 1944, he was sent to the USA to learn about the transportation  planes for the Allied landing forces and the methods of their implementation on the front.

Constructor of Westland Lynx helicopters and modifications of Sikorsky S-58, S-61 and Aerospatiale Puma helicopters for the RAF.