The life of Tadeusz Marek (1908-1982), was typical for the generation that created modern independent Poland and ended up in forced emigration or life in the country enslaved by the Soviet Union.

Many outstanding young specialists who become immigrants, had a similar fate to the patron of our Foundation. Many have managed to settle in new countries. Live and work there. Some of them managed to achieve professional success, and become outstanding in their profession.

The propaganda of the People’s Republic of Poland did everything to ensure that the lives and successes of those immigrants were unknown in their native country.

We know about Tadeusz Marek’s life that he was and is considered one of the most outstanding designers of internal combustion engines in the entire history of the automotive industry. That is outside of Poland.

We want to change it!


Motorcycle races in the 1920s and 1930s were the place where Tadeusz Marek learned his engineering craft in practice.

At the finish  of the Monte-Carlo Rally in 1939. The first ever Polish crew Marek / Pajewski  to win the official award in this prestigious event. They took 5th place in the class.

The Polish Rally in 1939 was also a race for the Polish Grand Prix. Many individual competitors and factory teams sttarted event. Tadek Marek was a member of the works Chevrolet team set up by his employer  the Lilpopp, Rau, Levenstein factory. That was biggest in Warsaw car manufacturer.

He started at Aston Martin in 1954 and shortly enjoyed the commercial success of the DB4 model with a newly designed by him 6-cylinder in-line engine. Its successor , the DB5 gained worldwide fame as a movie vehicle in the James Bond movies. This model also had an engine under it’s hood designed by Polish engineer.

This designed by Tadek engine stayed in production for over 30 years, from 1968 till 2000.
Thi racing Lola Aston Martin T70 Mk III was propeled by the engine designed by Polish engineer.
DBS - was a new model in Aston Martin stable, first with V8 engine.