Documentary film


It is a story about passion: to live, to create, to overcome new boundaries. The boundaries created by matter that an engineer – must conquer in order to create one of the best car engines in the history of the automotive industry. The limits of human endurance when your greatest achievement is followed by an unexpected blow, like war. You have to go ahead, survive and live to make another success. The sweet fruit of success tastes better when it comes through tough times. Or is it?

Tadek’s story is told by Ben Collins (the famous “Stig” from the popular British TV program). Just like Tadek was,  he is passionate about speed and precision, the necessary qualities of rally and racing drivers. Ben follows Tadek’s life story from Warsaw in Poland through Casablanca, Cape Town, and London. He gets to know about his rally successes, his passion for speed, his engineering prowess, and his complicated family life.

“Steel Heart” is about an engineer, rally driver, constructor, lover, husband, and father. A Pole. It’s about Tadek Marek.


Documentary film

The film is about a trip to search for the lost somewhere in the world Porsche 911S. The car with the starting number 58, driven by multiple rally champion Sobiesław Zasada in the biggest motoring event of its times: the London-Sydney rally in 1968.
From the search for the car, the trip turns into a fascinating story about an event that connected three continents and had been followed by people all over the world. The media informed about the competitors’ struggles every day. One of the possible winners was a Pole – Sobiesław Zasada. The only driver from behind the “Iron Curtain” in a tight group of top rally competitors.
The protagonists of the film: a filmmaker and a motoring journalist travel initially through Europe and then over 6,000 km alongside the same Australian route as racers over 50 years ago. They talk to participants, historians and mechanics. Will they find a car? Or maybe something more: the spirit of great adventure, international cooperation, sport for the sake of sport and not for money?
The film is a tribute to a truly global motoring event, the largest at its time, to specially prepared cars, brave drivers and their co-pilots and, above all, for the driver and his co-pilot from Poland Sobiesław Zasada and Marek Wachowski. They fought gallantly and won an Australian leg marginally missing on a podium finish, one point from 3rd position.